Electric vehicle Battery Box

These Eelectric vehicle Battery storage box can be applied widely on Electric bike ,electric motorcycle ,electric tricycle battery ,they are designed with strong plastic or aluminum eco-environment  materials with elegant and beautiful appearance ,it provides our users a safer and fashionable feeling…….

Portable power station box

300W~3000W Portable power station Box equipped with inverter and other MPPT accessories ,Pure Sine Wave with Wireless Charging, Remote Control, Type C, Flashlight, jump starter, RV Port, Cigar Lighter, Air Compressor


Our battery spares parts including ,Battery storage box ,Cell holders ,Connection conductive components ,insulation Materials,Battery controlling circuit Board etc

EV Battery Storage Box

EV Battery storage Box for electric bike ,electric motorcycle ,electric tricycle or Automobile storage box

M18 Electric tool box for Makita ,Hitach ,Dewalt,Dyson ,etc

Electric tool Battery storage Box

Eelectric Tool Battery box for all kind of brand Tool Battery such as : Makita tool ,Milwaukee tool ,Hitach Tool Battery box ,Dewalt Box etc

Cell Holder

18650 ,26650,32650 21700,Battery plastic holder with high quality plastic to offer excellent safety performance for your battery system

High quality 12V Lithium Battery Box

Other Li ion Battery Storage Box

Portable Power station box including all necessary accessories for your Battery assembly ,including MPPT controller ,Inverter ,Solar Panel ,etc

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High quality

With high level materials for each item to offer durable working performance

Full scale of parts

All necessaries parts can be offered to our client to make everything more conveniently

Good After-sales policy

with quality warranty time and with full inspection on our side ,24 hours online after service


with professional experience and equipment for quality check and verification

Batteries parts Supplier

We’re a professional Batteriesparts Supplier based in the center of SHEN ZHEN City. From strategy to implementation, we’re here to help make your brand shine.

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