12S to 48S lifepo4 Battery high voltage BMS support CAN RS485 Communication for energy storage solar power ,UPS ,Electric grid Back up Power system (Copy)


Introductions :

This Integrated BMS was built with? main control board, BMU sampling board, high voltage board, switching power supply, Hall sensor, DC contactor, microswitch, power terminal, structural box and wiring harness, etc.; the characteristic is that the main control board Integrate with sampling board and other power devices to keep the system as a secondary architecture. It has the characteristics of compact structure, flexible installation and low cost, and is suitable for integrated installation with small capacity batteries. The BMS integrated machine component is mainly suitable for the charge and discharge management of lithium iron phosphate batteries (LFP). If you need to modify the parameters with other batteries,please contact our company for parameters setting in according to your battery.

  • Each 15 strings is a battery collection unit, and 75 series batteries have 5 acquisition units.
  • 15 probes for every 15 strings, for a total of 15
  • current collection uses Hall sensor, safe and reliable, no heat;
  • SOC estimation error ?? 5%;
  • 3-digit address dialing to set the BMS address;
  • 3-channel relay dry contact output;
  • 4-channel contactor expansion and auxiliary contact detection;
  • Support for parallel use (maximum 7 units)??
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Our Goals :

Adhere to innovation-driven, research based on active and balanced new energy battery management

system, battery prediction and early warning technology, combined with the Internet of Things, big

data and other emerging technologies, build a smart cloud, and provide customized and highly

reliable intelligent hardware solutions.

Application :

For industrial and commercial/household energy storage, household base station energy storage,

ly develop fifive terminal products in all scenarios, which can meet the high-performance require

special vehicles, low-speed vehicles, new energy special equipment and other fields, independent-

ments in different scenarios

Typical System Block Diagram

The BIU integrated machine unit is composed of an energy balance module, a voltage and temperature acquisition module, an MCU control module, and supporting peripherals. In design

Adopting highly reliable MCU control chips and utilizing the latest acquisition technology, the acquisition accuracy is high, providing a good physical foundation for SOC estimation.

On the basis of in-depth research on the complex electromagnetic environment of the battery pack application environment, the Electromagnetic compatibility design of the product was fully considered at the initial stage of design

Multiple power isolation schemes and high redundancy designs have been rigorously tested to ensure the reliable operation of the product and its stability in various environmental states

Ensure reliable operation. The application diagram of the all-in-one machine is shown in the following figure

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