4S or 3S 12V Li ion or Lifepo4 Battery smart BMS with Bluetooth function UART and RS485 communication with 60A to 120A constant current


1) Application:this smart BMS can work for 3 to 4S Lithium ion or Lifepo4 Battery ,client can choose based on your battery chemistry features
2) Current : constant current of this version BMS can be made with 40A to 120A in accoridng to the different demand
3) Dimension: :Max 138*102*15mm for More than 60A current , and 138*102*10mm for less than 60A current
4) Functions : Over-charge ,over-discharge ,short protection ,High temperature protection , Over-current protection etc
5) Communication type :UART or UART with RS485 Double Communication , buyer can choose it based on your practical demand without problems .
6) Protection parameters can be set via PC software with UART Communication module
7)shipment normally can be arranged out within 2~5days after the order placement ,we will inform our client if there is any unexpected delay by email . thanks!!!
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1) Characteristics : this is a smart BMS with Bluetooth and PC communication which will be used to protect and monitor your battery status visible from the computer and your android APP phone .the charge and discharge port is same .
2) this BMS can be made for 3series or 4S cell protection for Lithium Battery pack (3*4.2=12.6V 4*3.65=14.6V Lifepo4 battery pack and 4S li ion battery*4.2=16.8V application ),client can select suitable type based on your battery characteristics
3) Dimension :Size :138**102*10mm( for 60A version ) and 138*102*17mm ( for 80A 100A or 120A version )
4) Protection functions :
This BMS has applied with high quality IC chip specially for lithium battery protection purpose .highly detection
precision degree on over-charge,over-discharge,voltage balancing ,and with detection on wires disconnection functions,
with three layers of over-discharge and over-current detections and delay times in detecting process.( Over-current 1,
over current 2,short cicircuit protection ) . short-circuit of charging port ,with two layers protection against over-voltage when charging :
5) BMS with?Precise SOC calculation with SOC function of automatic learning
6)Automatically charge battery function or static balance function for the battery system
7) With Mobile phone operation software systme to manage the detecting the battery working status and some parameters
setting . also this board can be available for the PC operation and Parameters setting on the computer .
A.This BMS will includes such list :
with one Bluetooth module for Android system only ,4.3Version Above . with wire and connector for the Battery and
Software system of mobile phone will be sent to the buyer .
Our Default parameters setting for this BMS ( Buyer can set the parameters via PC tool without problems )?


Mobie Phone APP Display for battery information :

What Bluetooth Communication Module can do ?

With Bluetooth Communication Module , the APP Software can be connected , and all information of the BMS can

display on your Mobile Phone for monitoring battery work status .and parameters can be set via APP directly

IOS APP display content for our Smart BMS

What PC communication Module can do ?

With PC communicaton module , you can set some basic protection parameters the same with APP software ,

and besides the setting scope , PC Module will extended the parameters setting ,such as battery series setting

Cell’s voltage calibration . some battery information input in according to the below pictures, client can choose

the PC Communication module flexibly in according to your practical application purpose.


Photo display


4S or 3S 12V power inverter lithium ion or Lifepo4 Battery Smart bluetooth BMS with 60A 100A 120A constant current


High quality 12.6V or 16.8V smart Bluetooth BMS with RS485 and UART communication

Inside picture of this BMS :

4S Lifepo4 BMS with High quality Mosfet

BMS will be equpped with Bluetooth Module for each unit BMS >

Bluetooth Module

Connection diagram and instructions :

A. Firstly ,Please connect bold wires from B- port of the BMS to the negative port of the battery pack .(B- wire should be as short as possible ) ,then connect these voltage detection wires (Please take off these wires from the BMS before connecting these wires to the battery to avoid any connection mistakes )

B. Second ,Please start connect these balance wires to the Battery system from BC0 ,Black thin wire should be connected to the battery negative , and the second wire -white wire BC1 should be connect to the positive port of the first series cell . BC2? should connect to the positive port of second series cell ,and BC3 wire to the third cell??s positive ??.connection in this way in order one by one till to the last cell postive port

C. Third . After connection of these balance wires finished , please measure connector voltage from each Neighbouring?wires ,the voltage between each neighbouring wires for Li ion battery should be less than 4V and for Lifepo4 Battery should be less than 3.5V ,after confirmation of these wires connection order , you can plug cable connector into the BMS .?Cwrong connection order will damage our BMS surely . please be carefully with this step .

D. Finally , connect C- wire as negative of charge and discharge , B+ wire as positive of charge and discharge , those wires should

use bold wire to make connection for large current distribution purpose . then please comparing the voltage from the BMS and voltage directly from the Battery to see if they are the same or not . if they are the same value . your connection is correct , otherwise terrible things will happend !!!


1) Shipment :

Client can choose suitable shipment methods based on your demand ,Post air parcel service aliexpress standard service or Express service will all be available, we will ship all orders strictly in according to the selected shipment methods by our customer . normally , Post parcel shipment time takes 7~60days depends on different countries serivce . and express takes 2~15days to the destination normally .we will ship out parcel normally within 2~3 days without problems ,we will inform the buyer if there is any delay due to some unexpected problems timely .

for the shipment ,client should afford the import tax or duty cost and take charge of custom clearance with our support positively ,as a seller , we wont afford any extra duty cost on buyer side if the buyer custom need to charge it .

2) Quality warranty

For our Product , we made twice full inspection before the delivery so as to make sure to low the quality risk in a very lower level .we will take a full responsibility for any defect product caused by our design and production problems ,warranty time is 12 months since the shipment date . but for any defect product caused by any wrong or slavery application from?customers . we will not take the responsibility for that , because for this BMS product ,it do need some skills to make installation . please consult us in advance if you are not clearly with bms connection in the hope of avoid any mistakes of connection . if Buyer damaged the BMS , we can offer the free repairing service to our client , but client should take care of shipment cost .please know it kindly in advance . thank

3) Problems Shooting :

when clinent found there is any problems with our product or with shipment , quantity less ,product damage or other problems with our transaction , please inform us in advance to quickly find a solution for both side before lodge the dispute . Business needs mutual support , let solve any problems in friendly understanding ways .


4) Feedback

You satisfaction and positive feedback is very importand to us. Pleae leave positive feedback and 5 stars if you are satisfied?with?our?items and services.?If you have any problems with our itmes or services,?please feel free to contact us first before?you leave?negative feedback.?We will do?our best to solve any problems and provide you with the best customer services.


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Weight0.2 kg
Dimensions13 × 10 × 15 cm
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